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D'Abaco Melbourne - Garden and Landscape Supplies - Product Catalogue

Soil & Compost

D'Abaco's range of Soil and Compost

We offer a range of blended soils and compost to suit your every requirement. From a budget option for building up levels or a premium organic blend.
Improve your existing soil by just adding compost as a soil conditioner, it will help to retain moisture and improve work-ability.
We have the ideal mix that will help you create that brand new lawn, garden bed or vegetable garden.

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Category: Soil

Screened Top Soil is used for New Lawns, and Top Dressing Lawn

Category: Soil

Organic Blend Soil is a blend of Soil local and Organic Compost and is suitable for Garden Beds and New Lawn

Category: Soil

D'Abaco Vegie Mix Soil is a blend of Soil Local and Organic Compost, and Mushroom Compost. It is suitable for Vegetable Gardens and Flower Beds.

Category: Compost

Biomix Organic Compost is an organic soil additive which adds valuable nutrients to soil. It contains fibrous organic and composted green waste.

Category: Compost

Mushroom Compost is a Soil Additive comprised of composted Manure and Straw. It is  Ideal for Roses, Vegetables and other Edibles