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D'Abaco's range of Sands

Sand is processed in many ways!
It is washed so the grains can be fine to course and consistent in size, they are suitable for mixing concrete, grouts, paving, tiling, filtration or propagating.
It can also be blended with clay and silt to produce brick sand for mixing mortar, the color and texture will depend on where the sand is quarried from.
Less refined sands are used as packing sand for under concrete slabs and bedding pipes.
Sand is a natural product and its color shading and texture will always slightly vary.

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Category: Washed Sand

Concrete sand is Course-Medium Particle Size sand used for concrete. screeding, and paving

Category: Washed Sand

Wash Sand is Medium-Fine Particle Size and is useful in many applications including Screeding, Grouting, Paving Joints, and Sand Pits

Category: Brick Sand

Orange Brick Sand is useful for Brick Laying, Roof Tiling, and Concrete Pump Lining

Category: Brick Sand

TGS White Brick Sand is useful for Brick Laying and Roof Tiling

Category: Brick Sand

Skye White Brick Sand is suitable for Brick Laying and Roof Tiling

Category: Brick Sand

Mukadilla Brick Sand is useful for Brick Laying and Roof Tiling

Category: Plaster Sand

Plaster Sand is suitable for Solid Rendering and has a Fine-Medium Texture

Packing Sand is suitable for Concrete Slab Preparation, Pipe Bedding, and Tank Base