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Mulches, Bark, and Woodchips

D'Abaco's range of Mulch, Bark, and Woodchips

Mulches, bark, and woodchips are ideal for covering garden beds!
They will help to conserve water, stimulate plant growth with regular feeding and reduce weeds.
We stock budget mulches, decorative colored and certified mulches for playground areas.
They can very in size, color and texture from a fine organic mulch to a larger chip that will complement your garden project.

We Deliver Garden Supplies Melbourne wide!

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Category: Bark

Our 1/2" Graded Pine Bark is Natural Pine Bark, 10 - 20 mm Natural Texture

Category: Mulch

Eucalyptus Mulch is a Natural Hardwood Mulch with a fine texture

Category: Mulch

Long Life Black Mulch is a dyed black color and is a large matchstick size

Category: Mulch

Long Life Red Mulch is dyed dark red colour, large matchstick size

Category: Mulch

Primarily composed of composted fibrous organic and green waste, this product doubles as an effective organic mulch and soil additive, providing exceptional moisture retention and improved soil workability for a thriving garden.

Category: Playground

Pine Soft Play is Playground Certified pine ground cover

Category: Woodchips

River Red Gum Chips are a Dyed Red Color,  20 - 30 mm Chip Shaped

Category: Compost

Biomix Organic Compost is an organic soil additive which adds valuable nutrients to soil. It contains fibrous organic and composted green waste.

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