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D'Abaco - Product Catalogue - Aggregate and Crushed Rock

Aggregate & Crushed Rock

D'Abaco's range of Aggregate and Crushed Rock

Road and driveway compaction, bedding pipes, drainage and general building and construction needs. Commonly crushed from basalt, bluestone, granite, igneous rock or made from recycled product.

Scoria is used for Sewer Pipe Laying, Drainage, Agi Drains, Back Filling Retaining Walls, and Landscaping

Aggregate is used for Sewer Pipe Laying , Drainage, Concrete, and Sub Station Base

Crushed Rock is used for Road Base , Concrete Base Preparation , Driveway, Temporary Driveway Access Construction Site

Crusher Dust is used as Bedding for Synthetic Grass, Pathways, and Landscaping

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Category: Scoria

Scoria 7 mm is used for Sewer Pipe Laying and Drainage

Category: Scoria

Scoria Volcanic Red 14mm is a Bright Red Color for Landscaping


Category: Scoria

Drainage Scoria 20mm is used for Agi Drains and Back Filling Retaining Walls

Category: Aggregate

Suitable for sewer pope laying, drainage and concrete.

Category: Crusher Dust

Stone Dust 3mm minus is used for Concrete Finishing

Category: Aggregate

Aggregate 14mm is suitable for: Drainage, Concrete

Category: Crusher Dust

Grey 5mm Crusher Dust is used as Bedding for Synthetic Grass, Pathways, and Landscaping

Category: Aggregate

Suitable for: Drainage, Concrete and Sub Station Base

Category: Crushed Rock

Suitable for Road Base, Concrete Base Preparation, Driveway

Category: Crushed Rock

Suitable for Temporary Driveway Access Construction Site

Category: Toppings

Seymour Toppings is a Riverstone Crushed Product.

Seymour Riverstone in colour, and is suitable for Driveways and Pathways